What is Shopee Guarantee? How does it work?

Shopee Guarantee protects users by releasing the payment to Seller upon Buyer confirming receipt of the order. Once the Buyer accepts the order, the payment will be released to the seller's Shopee Wallet, and will be released through automated/manual withdrawal.

Shopee Guarantee period is made from the 2 elements as below, starting from your payment confirmation date.

  1. Days to Ship - Determined by Seller based on the number of days it takes to prepare for delivery 
  2. Estimated Delivery Time - Based on average delivery time.

For example:
  1. Order was paid on 1st January.
  2. Seller has indicated 2 days in “Days to Ship”.
  3. Shopee Guarantee period: 2 (Days to Ship) + 5 (Estimated Delivery Time) = 7 days
  4. Expecting to receive the order within the 7 days after your payment has been confirmed.

Estimated delivery time will differ for delivery to and from different states as per the table below:                             

How do I read the above table?
Example, to ship from “All States excluding Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan” to any states excluding Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan, it will take 5 days. However, to ship from “All States excluding Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan” to Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan, it will take 7 days.

The order has been shipped. But I have not confirmed if I have received my order; will the seller get the payment?

  1. You will have to confirm if you have received your order or request for refund within the Shopee Guarantee period.
  2. If you forget to confirm, the payment will be automatically released to the Seller at the end of the Shopee Guarantee period for that order.

I have not received the product yet. Can I extend my Shopee Guarantee period?

  1. Yes, you are allowed a one-time 3-day extension of the Shopee Guarantee period if you are yet to receive your products. 
  2. Simple tap on “Extend Shopee Guarantee” in the “Order Details” page.

Orders placed from 28th September onwards will be automatically cancelled if :

  1. The seller has been inactive for 7 days.
  2. The seller has not shipped the order and clicked "Ship" by the end of the Shopee Guarantee period.
  3. So, if the order has been cancelled due to above reasons, and buyer has made payment - Shopee will notify them with a refund notification.


- "Buyer-Seller Self Arrange" payment option is not eligible for Shopee Guarantee.

If you still have not received your order before the final day of the extension period, please file for a Refund before the 3-day extension ends.

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